5 reasons for Office 365

  • you get the highest quality email solution without spam, with a huge 50 GB inbox
  • learn how to share information with colleagues like documents, emails, tasks, contacts, calendars
  • you get the most advanced forms of business communications such as instant messaging, video calling, video conferencing, corporate social networking, group emails, group documents
  • get your favorite MS Office suite with indispensable Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, and others for your PC, Mac, Mobile
  • protect your documents and information with the latest security technologies, data is secured when stored even when traveling via the Internet

5 specific situations

  • work on the same document with your colleague at once, and in real time you can see what is currently changing
  • edit your documents on your laptop and they are automatically synced to the cloud storage on your home computer as well as on your Mac in the office
  • you are reading a group email that is relevant to the current project, along with all your colleagues working with you
  • unnecessary email is a self-learning artificial intelligence automatically shuffled down
  • you can easily find a free space in your colleague’s calendars to schedule a joint meeting or an online debate

5 nubers

  • 50 GB – capacity of your email box
  • 1TB – capacity of your cloud space, synced with your computers
  • 1TB – common business space for the documents you work on with colleagues
  • your MS Office can be installed on 5 computers or Macs MS Office
  • 250 participants can have video session with you in HD resolution

5 reasons for working with us

  • we are certified directly by Microsoft for the Office 365 and Azure cloud services and have the Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions
  • we actively use all of the above technologies
  • We have more than 10 years of experience in providing IT services for businesses
  • we provide services to different businesses with different needs and we will advise you which solutions will be most suitable for you
  • we are long-term partners with our customers, their trust is the basis of successful cooperation